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Father's Coffee
Ethiopia Bombe Washed

This bomb of coffee was grown by small farmers of the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, high in the mountains called Bombe. The special dry fermentation processing results in a complex and sweet flavoured cup, with notes of jasmine, bergamot, black tea and honey cake.

*Each box comes with 10 Nespresso®-compatible capsules.

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Coffee notes
  • Tasting Notes
    Bergamot, Black Tea, Jasmine
  • Body
  • Acidity
  • Sweetness

Ethiopia Bombe Washed


Coffee details

Father's Coffee

Father's Coffee is a specialty coffee roastery based in Ostrava, Czech Republic, that was founded in 2017 by the husband-wife duo Petr and Marie. They are a local family business and have now grown to a team of over 10 dedicated people running the roaster - supplying many of Europe's top coffee shops. Father's is committed to sustainability, aiming for zero waste and emissions-free operations.

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  • Type
    Single Origin
  • Processing
  • Origin
  • Varietal
    Ethiopian Heirloom
  • Roast level
  • Suitability
    Espresso, Milk Coffee, Long Black, Iced Coffee
  • Others
    The owner of the Bombe processing station is Asefa Dukamo. He has been working with coffee for 27 years and currently works with 300 farmers in the area around the town of Hemesho. Each of these farmers produces an average of 4,000 kilograms of coffee cherries per year on a total area of 375 hectares.

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