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The Ultimate New Year Coffee Recipe: Morning Mimosa

The Ultimate New Year Coffee Recipe: Morning Mimosa

There’s only one way to properly bring in the New Year, and that’s with a glass of bubbly! We love straight up champagne like the next person, but for those who enjoy champagne cocktails, we’ve got you covered. The Morning Mimosa is a unique take on the traditional brunch cocktail with dry sparkling wine, fresh citrus juice, and of course, a fruity coffee.

Capping off this year as our recommended capsule is the excellent Kenya Karogoto by April Coffee Roasters. For the bubbles, a dry Cava or Prosecco works well if you don’t want to splurge on the French stuff. We also opted to add grapefruit to the more common orange juice, to add depth to the beverage. Fresh is best, of course, but feel free to use juice from a carton if that’s all you have on-hand!


- 20g or ml espresso (brewed from 1 capsule)
- 30ml orange juice
- 30ml grapefruit juice
- 80ml dry sparkling wine (such as Champagne, Cava, or Prosecco)
- halved grapefruit wedge for garnish


The key to an enjoyable mimosa is fully-chilled ingredients so refrigerate your juices and sparkling wine beforehand. Also pull your espresso ahead of time, and let it cool down. Once everything is properly cold, combine the espresso and both juices in a spouted container, and stir to combine. Fill a flute glass with 80ml of wine and let the bubbles subside. Add the combined coffee and juice. Finally, garnish with half a grapefruit wedge. If you’re making this for a crowd (and you should), simply scale the recipe up. This is a very refreshing tipple and goes down quick, so go easy on seconds! Cheers to 2020, everyone!

Words and image by @theheadbean

Recommended Capsule: Kenya Karogoto by April Coffee Roasters

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