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Flavour of The Month: Tesfaye by PPP Coffee

Flavour of The Month: Tesfaye by PPP Coffee

Mildly Fruity

That's how we would describe September's Flavour of the Month from PPP Coffee. Ethiopian coffees are always causing coffee drinkers to raise their eyebrows after that first ever sip of a lightly-roasted East African brew. To many, they will find it unfamiliar and slightly 'citrusy'. To some, they will be amazed by how coffee can actually taste in the cup. Due to the inherent properties of Ethiopian heirloom coffees, they display a very distinct fruit or floral forward taste profile. For many of us reading this, we may have started our Specialty Coffee journey after that first cup of Ethiopian coffee.

Suke Quto PPP Coffee Tesfaye

Tesfaye by PPP Coffee is a coffee in a Nespresso-compatible capsule format, showcasing a classic Ethiopian coffee profile. The coffee is light-bodied, almost tea-like, with floral nuances on the nose and you may get ripe peaches with every sip.

Normally, baristas get to introduce an Ethiopian coffee through a brew bar in a cafe. What is fascinating about this capsule is that the introduction of the potential of Specialty Coffee does not necessarily have to happen in the cafe anymore. Just pop in the capsule in your favourite Nespresso machine and experience the myriad of flavours right in the comfort of your own home.

We must say that this capsule is not for everyone due to the roasting style. It's a complete contrast from what we are all accustomed to but hey, once in a while it's great to experience something new in life.

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