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Momos Coffee

Location: South Korea

Founder: Jeongsoo Pak, Jooyeon Jeon

Momos Coffee is the gold standard for coffee in Busan. It is also home to Jooyeon Jeon, who was the winner of the 2019 World Barista Championships. Founded in 2007, Momos Coffee has grown into one of the biggest specialty coffee brands in South Korea. From just 140 sq ft of floor space, the operation now includes a barista academy, over 50 staff, a two-story bakery cafe, and a nationwide coffee distribution business.

Momos Coffee

Getting to know Jeongsoo Pak & Jooyeon Jeon - CEOs of Momos Coffee.

How did the journey of Momos Coffee start?

Our journey started with a tiny 140 sq. ft. takeaway cafe that opened in 2007 with little expertise. Alongside a handful of regular customers, we have consistently been at the forefront of interesting coffee stories, and sometimes even stories about life. We started with a promise to do the basics well, and we hope that through the coffees we make, the lives of coffee makers, producers, and enthusiasts a whole lot better.

Can you share more about Momos Coffee's approach to sourcing and roasting coffee?

When it comes to roasting, our focus is on developing a final cup of coffee that is clean and balanced, while expressing the unique flavours that different regions, terroir, and varietals bring. We want to give our customers a rich experience.

In terms of sourcing, what's important to us is the good relationship we've developed with the farmers. Currently, we are doing direct trade with around 80 farmers from 15 countries. When a farmer produces high-quality coffee, we strive to purchase it at a reasonable price. Then, based on the characteristics of their coffees, we roast and introduce them to our consumers.

What was the inspiration for Momos Coffee to decide to put coffees into the convenient capsule format?

With the rise in coffee consumption and the gradual development of the coffee industry's technology, the era has arrived when consumers can enjoy coffee more easily and conveniently. Capsule coffee was created to reflect this. We decided that capsule coffee will lower the entry barrier for specialty coffee and make it an accessible way for the public to enjoy coffee more comfortably, so we introduced Momos Coffee in capsules.

Coffee is fuel to get us moving throughout the day, especially in the morning. What is your daily morning ritual like?

Upon arriving at work, I immediately go to the bar, drop off my iced drip coffee, and begin working with a cup of coffee. I don't think there's anything that can wake you up in the morning like that.

What are you most excited about right now and for the future of Momos Coffee as a brand?

To put it briefly, I think our slogan encompasses all of its meanings - Specialty for all.

Our goal is for more people to be able to experience our brand, and we aim to collaborate with a variety of brands that share our values and texture as we move forward. Even if they are not in the same industry, we are focused on promoting our brand with various cultures that can create synergy through each other's colours.

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